(Turnstone Press, 2001)

Beatrice is about to have her heart ripped out.

Like most small prairie towns, Beatrice, Alberta has at its way of life, its own townspeople, its own familiar quirks. At the centre of the community lies the heart of the people, their grain elevator, and the townsfolk have just been told it’s scheduled to be demolished.

Farmcorp has decided to tear down several small elevators so rival grain companies will not be able to purchase them. But the people of Beatrice feel lost without it, and set out to buy it themselves.

Colleen, who is still considered an outsider after living in Beatrice for 17 years, sets up a new restaurant to bring in new business. Dale, a young farmer struggling to make a living, proposes a fundraiser to save the town’s identity. With the help of Vlad the baker, Dolores the United Church minister, and poor old Perry, who still has yet to get over the death of his wife, the town comes together to reconcile their pasts as they look towards an uncertain future.