Meet Monica

Monica Kidd is a writer of poetry, fiction and nonfiction. After growing up on the prairies and doing a Bachelor of Science (Ecology/Zoology) at the University of Calgary, she moved to Kingston where she graduated with Master of Science (Biology) degree at Queen’s. She did field work in Quebec and in northern Norway and worked her first summer as a field biologist in a remote camp on the coast of Labrador. During this time, and when she was finished grad school, she stayed on in Kingston to work for CUSO. When a gig curating a natural history museum in Papua New Guinea fell through, she began working with a small team producing a series of radio documentaries about community and international development called Borderlands for the Canadian campus and community radio network. After this she worked her second summer in Labrador, fell head over heels for the place, and moved to St. John’s in 1997, where she worked for CBC Radio until 2004, producing reportage and documentaries and one radio play that won national and international awards; she finished up as CBC’s National Science Reporter and contributor to the popular national science program Quirks & Quarks.

In 2004, she transitioned to medicine and has been working as a family doctor in Alberta and in Newfoundland, with special interests in child & maternal health since 2011. (Her medical profile is available separately.) In 2016, she began Whisky Jack Letterpress in the historic Grain Exchange Building in downtown Calgary, and in 2017, she spent her first month in Antarctica working as an expedition guide, lecturing on the natural and cultural history of the extreme south. Her most recent book is the collection of poetry, The Year of Our Beautiful Exile (Gaspereau Press, 2015). She currently lives in Calgary with her husband and three young kids. She is an avid runner and bread maker.